When Depression Tells You Love Is a Lie

Depression is a beast that takes hold of your heart and your brain and tries to destroy you. It tells you lies and it feeds off bad vibes. It traps you inside yourself and eliminates your ability to think logically and soundly. Depression can steal your ability to love and feel loved. It isn’t your choice. You don’t want to doubt the people who love you. That’s the worst part. The doubt. But you need to know it’s not your fault.

Depression will try to steal the very best of you. And sometimes you might feel like it’s winning. The tricks will feel so real you will believe them. But just know this. You are strong, you are capable, you are loved and you deserve love. Even unshowered, in bed for days and ignoring everyone, you deserves love in this world.

Some days I believe you love me. Some days I don’t. Some days I think you’ve been lying, sticking around out of pity. Some days I want to shut you out because I feel like I am a burden. And some days I will love you so deeply it hurts.

Depression isn’t for show. It isn’t a made up excuse for staying home all day. The back and forth, the pain, the fear – it all happens because of depression affecting the brain. The brain gets confused, the brain plays tricks. These lies aren’t real, even when they feel like it. And all we can do is combat the trickery. If someone says they love you, you need to work to believe them. If someone wants to be there for you, let them. Share the lies your brain tells you, help them understand. Let love in even when you feel like love is hiding. You deserve love and that is not a lie.

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