Why I'm Celebrating 'Keep It Real' Day

So, Happy Keep It Real Day! (I made that up.)

Just a reminder to everyone that I have days that are less than awesome.

No makeup, didn’t do my hair and got myself together enough to get to the store. Had to at least do that. I would have preferred pajama pants and slippers, but I was going with my incredibly handsome hubby. Even though it was Walmart, I wanted to at least look like I came with him.

No worries — I’m actually having a decent mental day, it’s just that my body isn’t up to much of anything.

I just needed to keep a reminder out there that there are days when just getting up and getting dressed are difficult tasks. Whether it’s with my depression, a migraine or just overall being rundown, like today. These days exist.

If you know me, you know I try to keep myself put together. Actually, I want to keep myself put together, look decent and go out there to do amazing things… but sometimes these are the days that work their way in. Just a simple reminder I don’t always look put together; I’m not always happy-go-lucky and full of energy all of the time.

It turns out, I am actually human.

I have these days when I’m just here. Not by choice, but because my body cannot get motivated enough to do anything else.

And it’s days like this that make me appreciate the days that are better than this: when I’m motivated, full of energy, looking to be put together and ready to take on the world to do amazing things. Today is not that day.

And, so, I wanted to keep it real.

Happy Keep it Real Day.

This piece originally appeared on Experience: LIVED!

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