To Those Who Judge Me for Buying Pre-Chopped Vegetables

To those who judge me for buying pre-chopped vegetables,

As a 45-year-old woman, I am fully aware that you can buy carrots cheaper in their natural form. I am well aware that pre-packed vegetables are more expensive. I can also see your disapproving looks, and how you mutter things under your breath about how lazy I must be or have money to throw away.

Do you ever stop and wonder why I, and many others like me, buy chopped vegetables? For many people, the process of chopping hard root vegetables is impossible – and those pesky carrots are so hard! With poor grip and painful hands it’s difficult to maintain hold of the knife and the strength to chop – something healthy, able-bodied people may take for granted.

I have a painful medical condition that means my body aches and I have widespread muscle pain daily. My right-hand aches, which makes even small things – like holding a pen to write – painful. I might look like an able-bodied, young woman, but my body has different plans. In light of that, I manage my illness and avoid strenuous activities such as chopping hard vegetables.

Thankfully people in society with difficulties similar to mine have options now. Admittedly, there is still a lot to be done and discrimination exists for many living with disability. But one day someone decided that there was a need for pre-chopped vegetables, and that helps those who find it difficult to chop on their own. You do not glare at people who purchase sliced bread, so it baffles me why buying chopped carrots seems to bring all the haters out. Please stop being so judgmental of products aimed to make some people’s lives easier.

If you are an able-bodied chopper, then whoop-de-do for you – the loose carrots are over there. All the people with sore hands, wrists, the elderly and the young, follow me. I know where all the best-chopped vegetables live.

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