It's OK to Be Angry and Vent About Your Illness

I love my rare condition family.

On behalf of my fellow friends and family with invisible illnesses and rare conditions as well as myself, let me just say that, when you live a healthy life, it’s almost like wearing blinders.

It’s like being oblivious to true health struggles, and in a way that is a blessing – to not have to know about chronic illness, see it or hear it.

To not have to see rare conditions…what a luxury.

But then there are those like me, my CSF leaks family and many others, who face illness every day. It’s in your mind, your heart and your being. You can’t get away from it and you can’t ignore it because for some that would mean death.

For some it is the difference between life and death to remember every second that it’s there – that illness, that disorder, that rare condition…

But people with chronic illnesses, invisible illnesses and their family members are some of the strongest and most courageous people ever! They are seriously in a class of their own.

When a friend or family member makes a comment or post about their struggle or hardship with a rare condition, it’s one of the best things they can say and do. It’s important to let someone in, let someone help, let someone know… Because every post also means awareness is being raised!

And if you notice that their posts are getting angrier or they’re becoming more passionate about their cause, that’s when you reach out and let them know it’s OK to vent and to be pissed off! A real friend will stand there and scream by your side and say, “F this condition and all the pain that comes with it!”

I’m here to be pissed off with you, all of you – or share in whichever mood you want to be in on whichever day you choose!

Never stop posting, never stop venting and never ever worry about someone who doesn’t understand what it takes to hold yourself and your family together.


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