15 Creative Ways to Track Your Mental Health

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Whether you are recording your mental health to see if your medication is working or keeping a log for you and your doctor – there are many ways daily tracking can help you assess your wellbeing. If you already track your mental health, you might have a routine that works well for you, and that’s great! Please share below in the comments with ideas and recommendations. If you’ve never kept a daily log or are looking for creative new ways to track your health, there are a number of different tricks and templates you can try.

There are many ways to start journaling. Some people prefer bullet journaling, an organized list-making system that allows you to track tasks and make notes, while others prefer to write their thoughts down in a notebook without any prompts or charts. For those who don’t like to draw or design their own templates, you can buy a notebook filled with graphing paper or print a pre-designed template, like the ones below.

From simple templates to illustrated lists, here are 15 creative ways you can track your mental health.

1. A List Making Template That Compares Fears to Reality


2. A Mood Tracker That Charts Highs and Lows

3. A Bullet Journal Template That Categorizes Tasks By Time of Day

4. An Illustrated To Do List of Self-Care Activities

5. A Bullet Journal Template That Tracks Sensory Overload and Anxiety Attacks

6. A Printable Template for People With Bipolar Disorder

7. A Mood Tracking Template Based on the Movie “Inside Out”

8. A Mood Tracking Chart That Tracks Triggers, Thoughts and Self-Care Activities

9. A Printable Tracker for People Living With Depression

10. A Printable Tracker for People Living With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

11. “Year in Pixels” Printable Mood Tracker

12. A Printable Weekly Depression Tracker

13. A Printable Tracker That Tracks Physical and Mental Symptoms

14. A Bullet Journal Template That Tracks Moods

15. A Bullet Journal Template That Uses Lists to Track Triggers

image of a hand drawn trigger tracker for mental health

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15 Creative Ways to Track Your Mental Health

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