Thomas Morrow Writes 'The Autistic Turtle' to Explain Autism to His Friends

A young boy writes a book called ‘The Autistic Turtle’ to help explain Autism to his friends.

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We Need More Autism Acceptance

As an Autistic person and autism advocate, my biggest dream is that someday Autistic people will be accepted for who they are. Some people try to “normalize” us. No stimming, make eye contact, ignore the sensory stimuli, no meltdowns or shutdowns, push through things, etc. It can be hard for some neurotypicals to understand Autistic [...]
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Realizing My Son on the Autism Spectrum and I Have More in Common Than I Thought

I always try to understand my son Griffin and the unique and beautiful ways he views the world. I admire his passion and caring heart. He likes to collect things, like yogurt tops. He was starting to get quite a collection recently. He would rinse them and then put them in a cup, telling us [...]
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What Helps Me During a Meltdown as Someone on the Autism Spectrum

I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum when I was 15 years old. Back then, meltdowns were common for me. Even now, meltdowns can be hard for me to handle. What may have helped when I was a child doesn’t help as much as an adult. But over the years, I’ve learned what has [...]