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5 Ways to Show Your Love for Someone With Depression

Some days are hard. Some are harder than others. There are days when we need you to be there, and like any illness there are some productive and counterproductive things you can do. For the days when we need a little bit more help, here are five ways you can let us know you love us.

1. Don’t make me prove how sad I am.

I’m doing the best I can. I should never have to prove to you I am hurting. Please trust me, I am.

2. Don’t make me do things I don’t want to.

Depression and anxiety give a discomfort level that many people don’t have. When I tell you that I can’t do something, please don’t make me. Some days even getting out of bed is enough. Don’t push me.

3. Be there when I need you but not when I don’t.

Sometimes all I want is a hug. Sometimes I want to be alone. Both are OK. Just let me do what I need to do.

4. Realize I didn’t choose this.

No one would choose to be miserable every single day, so please don’t think I’m acting out for attention or that I’m faking. Honestly, many people with depression hide most of how they feel, so when we open up it’s a big deal.

5. Be proud of how far I have come.

It’s not easy, but every day we learn how to cope a little bit more. Be proud of that and how hard we work to be better friends, siblings, and children for you.

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