Everything I Thought I Knew Before My Autism Diagnosis Was Wrong

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What I Mean When I Tell You My Daughter Is Autistic

I want the world to become more educated about neurodiversity. Knowing people with autism diagnoses means understanding can come more easily to us all. So if I come straight out and say “my daughter’s on the spectrum,” that means “check your judgment.” It means “resist assumptions.” It can be hard to distinguish my daughter from [...]
Parent and child holding hands outdoors with trees and sunlight in the background

3 Things to Know About Autism, From the Parent of a Child on the Spectrum

“Make America great again” is a refrain that echoes through the collective American consciousness. I find myself wondering what will be the defining moment(s) or policies that will return America to her glory? How will we know when America is great, again? What does that look like, feel like, sound like? President Trump spoke of [...]
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How My Son on the Autism Spectrum Is Using His Voice in His Own Way

My son Leo clutches his hands tightly beneath his chest, his gaze alternating between me and the television screen, his expression seems steadfast and intent on communicating. His brain knows what he wants, yet he struggles to put words together to tell me. “What do you want, baby?” I ask. “What movie?” I prepare to run through his list of [...]
Mother sitting with son.

When My Son Asked, 'Mom, Do I Have a Disability?'

I knew the question would come, in one form or another. I thought I was prepared. I’d read countless articles, met with therapists, had late night discussions with my husband. My search history is filled with variations of the question “How do I tell my child he has autism?” This type of preparation is not [...]