10 Ways Multiple Sclerosis Affects Me

As it’s multiple sclerosis awareness month I thought I would do a little post on 10 things about living with MS. MS is completely different for everyone and no two people will experience it in the same way, but here are 10 ways it affects me.

1. I really don’t know half the time if it’s brain fog or I’m just the worst person ever with names…

2. As soon as I wake up I feel like I need to go back to bed again. I won’t even have made it out of bed before I’ve come to this conclusion.

3. Supermarkets are a place of doom. Or anywhere that has artificial lighting, is too hot, too cold, too busy, too crowded or has anything moving at a moderate to low speed or above.

4. My body hates everything. Being in bed seems to be acceptable but anything else makes my body grumpy. I always knew I was fussy but this is taking it a bit far.

5. A late night is not being in bed by 10.

6. Walking anywhere is a major accomplishment! Especially if it’s outside, my head and legs can’t agree on what’s going on when being outside is involved.

7. People who tell me there will be a cure soon drive me nutty. I’ve had so many people tell me there’s a cure just around the corner. I appreciate the positivity but it’s nearly three years later, I’ve been around the corner and it’s not been there yet!

8. Dizziness is now the norm.

9. An exciting adventure out is going to physio. This is currently my big adventure out each week, even though I do really enjoy splashing around!

10. I know I don’t look sick…

I feel like the list could go on and on but I have stopped myself at 10! What would be your top one, three, five or even 10 things that affect you? I would love to hear what would be on your list.

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