5 Lessons Chronic Pain Has Taught Me

Dealing with chronic pain for the last six years has really changed how I look at everything. Here are the top five ways chronic pain has changed my outlook on life:

1. It has taught me compassion. Going through life with chronic pain is never an easy thing, but it has provided me an insider’s view that I never had before. It has taught me to never belittle someone’s pain. It has taught me that everyone is fighting a battle.

2. It has allowed me to help others. I have been able to help countless people over the years. I have been able to support others who are going through similar situations. Chronic pain is something no one understands until you live with it. It can be hard to find a support system. Giving support to others has helped me by creating new friends and giving and getting support. A lot of these people have become best friends.

3. It has taught me how live life while fighting a battle. Every day I go through life at high pain levels that would cause most people to go the the ER. Chronic pain has taught me that you can get through anything if you put your mind to it. No matter how hard life gets, I know that I will be able to make it through.

4. I has shown me who’s there for me and who’s not. I’ve had people turn their backs on me and some that have made rude comments. I have had others who have not stopped supporting me and who are always waiting to hear updates. They always want to hear and see that I’m doing better, but if I’m not, they still support me through thick and thin.

5. It has taught me to never give up. Giving up is not an option when you live a life of chronic pain. You learn to adapt and overcome the challenges thrown at you, whether they are medical challenges or life’s challenges.

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