To My Parents, Who Supported Me When I First Suspected I Was Autistic

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Why These Negative Responses to My Child’s Autism No Longer Anger Me

My eldest daughter has autism, she’s 4 years old and was diagnosed a year ago. She has pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), sensory issues, a speech delay, impulse control issues and other very small difficulties. On the outside she looks like a perfect blend between my husband and me, and her and her little sister look [...]

JT Firestarters is Made and Run By a Man With Autism

Daniel Toops, a man with autism, created JT Firestarters as a way to earn money and gain independence. Read the full transcript: This Man With Autism’s Creation Sparks a Hot Business. Daniel Toops, 21, is nonverbal and on the autism spectrum. Toops started JT Firestarters in 2015 as a way to earn money and gain [...]
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I Feel Like a Puzzle Piece That Doesn't Fit Where I 'Should'

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How I Think as an Autistic Person

As an autistic person I think differently from neurotypicals. I am a visual thinker, which means I think in pictures. I also remember a lot of things really well; for instance, I can go back to a memory and remember different people, sounds, colors, etc. I am also a literal thinker, which means I sometimes [...]