Napping Is Not My Weakness

I nap. A lot.

I nap because I’m tired.
I’m tired because I’ve been battling my nervous demons since the sun rose.
I’m tired because I’ve been battling them since I went to bed.
I’m tired because I’ve been battling them for years.

I nap because the conversations are difficult.
I nap because I’m tired of justifying my actions.
I’m tired because I have to justify my self-care.
I’m tired because my body is battling.

I nap because my body is battling.
My body is battling hearsay and should haves.
My body is battling my own judgments, as well as the judgment of others.

I nap because these judgments come from a lack of knowledge.
A lack of knowledge of what I’m thinking and doing,
A lack of knowledge of what I’ve learned about myself
And how far I’ve come.

I nap because I need to explain.
I’ve learned I must explain.
But I can only explain what they choose to hear.
I can only explain what they choose to believe.
I can only explain to others what I am strong enough to tell.

I nap because I am strong.
I am stronger than any hearsay.
I am stronger than any whispers or any miscommunication.
I am stronger than even my biggest, baddest demons.

I nap because I am strong enough to take five minutes for myself.
I nap because exhaustion is not my weakness.

I nap, so I can make the next day count.

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