Why I'm Telling the Truth When I Say 'Nothing Is Wrong'

If someone actually catches on to my depressed mood, and asks how things are or if something is wrong, then the typical response I have is, “Nothing’s wrong,” or, “Things are fine.” They might question it, or they might just let it go. In all honesty there isn’t anything in my life that is wrong or happening that is making me depressed.

I enjoy my job and even on the days when the kids I work with make me stressed, I still like my job. I’m pretty much my own boss; so as long as I get everything done I need to, my boss doesn’t take notice. I’m financially stable. I have a roof over my head and I am looking into actually buying a roof for myself. I love the snow and right now, we have lots.

So why does it appear that something is wrong? Every day I doubt myself. I’m barely sleeping, because my anxiety keeps me up at night. I’m barely eating, because my depression and medication have taken away the desire to eat. I’m not exercising, because I’m too exhausted. I wasn’t emotionally supported by my parents when I was growing up, on top of the other feelings of worthlessness.

But, look at the big picture. In reality I might not be feeling well, but the answer to your questions really is, “Nothing is wrong.” I’m not telling a lie. Maybe try asking a different question if you sense something is wrong.

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