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Why I Thrive on Challenge as an Autistic Person

I am autistic. What crosses your mind when you think of autistic? Meltdowns? Obsessions? One-ended conversations, perhaps? Well, I hardly have anyone to talk to except family, and I spend much of my time alone… but obsessions? I’ve got plenty of them. That’s what labels me as a “geek” and proud! I’ll not deny that [...]
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To My Son on the Autism Spectrum: You Are Like the Sea to Me

I can spend my life watching you, observing how you see the sea. The more I see your connection to the sea, the more I understand your life. I marvel at how you watch the water come and go — how you stick your hands in the sand. You stop, turn to see me and smile. Then you take [...]
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What My Daily Life on the Autism Spectrum Is Like

I wanted to write a post about what it’s like to live life on the autism spectrum. I was initially diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in elementary school. In high school, the school psychologist changed this to PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified). Please be aware, anything I write here should be considered to be from [...]
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How My Experiences as a Student on the Autism Spectrum Shaped My Career Path

Imagine not being able to communicate with the people you care about the most about your basic needs growing up. This used to be my story. When I was diagnosed with autism at 4, I was just starting pre-K. It was one of the most difficult transitions of my life. Ever since my diagnosis, I [...]