Mom Creates Autism Law Enforcement Response Training for Police Officers

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How One Cafe Is Changing the Way People in the Philippines See Autism

Puzzles Cafe in the Philippines hires people with special needs to make an inclusive environment for all. Read the full version of How One Cafe Is Changing the Way People in the Philippines See Autism.
Julia and Elmos sitting down, Julia is patting Elmo's head

Why I Will Be Watching 'Sesame Street' as an Adult

“Sesame Street” has a new character, a 4-year-old named Julia. Not only does this adorable new personality have bright orange hair and enthusiasm for life, she also has Autism. This is something many of us having been waiting for. When I heard about this, I immediately searched for every video and article I could find to [...]
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To the Man Who Brought Me Stim Tools on Our Second Date

On our first date, I awkwardly tossed my stim tool in the air and told you what it was. I’d just bought it from Stimatstic and was very excited. During all of the excitement of a first date and having a new stim tool, I somehow lost the tool. Perhaps by the waterfall under the [...]
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How Autism Helps Me Be Mindful

Mindfulness is an essential skill for self-development, as it allows for the silent observation of thoughts, and the filtering of the negative from the positive. The starting point of any thought is an observation, either immediately or sometimes long before it. So it follows that the more potent the observations, and the more aware of [...]