My Sibling And My Pals Dolls Can Help Teach Siblings About Autism

My Siblings and My Pals Dolls are 18-inch boy and girl dolls that can teach kids about having a sibling or friend on the autism spectrum.

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These Dolls Can Help Teach Siblings About Autism

My Sibling Dolls and My Pal Dolls teach kids about having a sibling or friend on the autism spectrum.

The dolls were created by Loretta Boronat, a special education teacher whose son is on the spectrum.

Each doll comes with a book featuring a story from the sibling’s perspective.

“We strive to teach children to accept, understand, respect and love their peers who learn and grow differently.” -Loretta Boronat

The doll company also provides job opportunities for people with disabilities through a sheltered workshop.

Jobs include grooming, dressing, styling and prepackaging the dolls.

The small family-run business also employs Boronat’s son, Danny, who has autism.

Boronat hopes to hire more people with disabilities as they grow.

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