Rutgers University Debuts First-of-its-Kind Program for Adults With Autism


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firetruck book cover

I'm an Autistic Author. This Is the Story Behind My First Children's Book.

A few years ago, I was in my ramshack of a studio apartment in downtown San Jose, California, when I got a call around 7:00 p.m. It was my mom, babysitting my 2-year-old nephew Atticus, who apparently wanted me to tell him a story. Now, being that I have no children of my own and [...]

Experiencing an Autistic Shutdown in Front of My Partner

I had my first shutdown in front of my partner. The last 10 days have been full. I started a new job, we’re moving to a new house and things have generally been very random. That, combined with my partner (thankfully) getting some more work lined up, has meant things have been a bit all over [...]

For Years, He Was Underestimated. Now, This Teen With Autism Has His Own Film.

A teen with autism created a film after being underestimated his whole life. Read the full version of For Years, He Was Underestimated. Now, This Teen With Autism Has His Own Film..
Julia, a new character on Sesame Street, talking with another character

How the New Girl on the Street Can Help Children Understand Autism

In case you missed it, one of the nation’s oldest and most beloved children’s television programs has taken a huge step towards inclusion of children with disabilities. In the next couple of weeks, Sesame Street is introducing its newest character, Julia, a young girl on the autism spectrum. Writers for the show expressed Julia “does things [...]