What an Autistic Shutdown Is Like for Me

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Girl AGain store filled with dolls and doll clothes

American Girl Resale Store, Girl AGain, Trains Women With Autism

When Marjorie Madfis retired after 30 years in the marketing industry, she wanted to do something to help women succeed in the business world – women like her daughter, Izzy, who is on the autism spectrum. In February 2014, she opened Girl AGain, an American Girl resale store that teaches young women on the autism [...]
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On the One-Year Anniversary of My Autism Diagnosis

It’s been one year since my autism diagnosis. I almost never dwell on the past. It seems pointless, and I have too many blank spots. This time I want to, before I forget what my life was like before and lose the sense of newness I’ve found over the past year. So many things are [...]
Boy with head on pillow and a blanket

When Time Stands Still for My Son on the Autism Spectrum and Me

It’s bedtime — a glow-stick-cuddling kind of sleepy time tonight. Like many parents, I look forward to this time of evening. A busy day comes to an end, and bedtime finally comes around. It’s a fond part of our day. It’s calm, it’s routine and we’re in no hurry. Bedtime stories and cuddles galore, drinks, [...]
silhouette of mother and son walking together on beach at sunset

The Joys in My Life With My Son on the Autism Spectrum

There are challenges that can come with autism. Nobody gains when we deny difficult things are in fact difficult. But the thing is, the difficult and at times exasperating things are sometimes all mixed up with the joyful things and the funny things. Then I could say there are the heartbreaking things. And in the [...]