What My Wheelchair Has Done for Me

Wheelchairs are very expensive pieces of equipment. My first privately owned chair came to almost £2500 and my most recent one added up to £3800. To some, these figures may come as a surprise but to others, it’s nothing new.

My wheelchair became my legs at around the age of 7. It gave me the independence my legs failed to provide me with. Today, it provides me with the independence I’ve always dreamed of. It gets me out of the house, transports me around my university campus and whizzes me up and down the basketball court.

Who’d have thought four wheels could make the world of difference in someone’s life? What can a chair do for someone?

My wheelchair has supported me through the happiest of times as well as the darkest of times.

My wheelchair has helped me to collect awards.

Soaking up the sun in Barcelona.
Soaking up the sun in Barcelona.

My wheelchair has kept me stable when making public speeches and lectures.

My wheelchair has guided me over long grass, bumpy pavements and wet sludge to enable me to complete the Race for Life.

My wheelchair has helped me to play snooker and pool… and on rare occasions, helped me to win!

My wheelchair has kept me upright when I’ve been out at parties, when maybe I should have been on the floor.

My wheelchair has helped me get to lectures and kept me comfortable.

My wheelchair has helped me to navigate in between the mass of slow walkers.

My wheelchair has taken me up hills and launched me back down them too.

My wheelchair has helped travel up 13 floors of a hotel.

My wheelchair has gotten me into an airplane and back out again.

My wheelchair has taken me to some of the most beautiful countries in the world, glided me over the sand and sat with me in the sea.

My wheelchair has gotten me up and down curbs.

My wheelchair has helped me dance on the dance floor.

My wheelchair has helped me provide the children in my care with a positive perspective of disability.

My wheelchair has shoved me down steps.

My wheelchair has gone through streams at my local park.

My wheelchair has gotten me stuck in the mud.

My wheelchair has left some amazing tire tracks in the glistening snow.

My wheelchair has helped me get out of some dangerous situations.

My wheelchair has transported me down to operating rooms and back again.

My wheelchair has taken me from one end of the basketball court to the other.

My wheelchair has whizzed me around the children’s classrooms when supporting them with their English lessons.

My wheelchair has enabled me to join in during physical education lessons.

My wheelchair has reminded me in times of self-doubt that I can do it.

My wheelchair has experienced the wonderful times, the scary times, the hurtful times, the joyful times and the saddest of times.

My wheelchair has never let me down… well, almost never. We’re a double act.

I can only ever rely on my wheelchair to get me through this life… so to me, my chair is my world.

I may go through quite a few of them in my lifetime, but each one will come on a personal journey with me. Let’s make it a memorable one.

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