To My Dad, Who Modeled How to Live With Chronic Pain

My Dad has lived with chronic pain for as long as I can remember. He injured his back when I was three years old, and since then, he has lived in daily pain. Growing up, I never heard him complain about the constant pain he was in. I knew he was in pain, but beyond that, I didn’t know much.

In the past few years, I myself have had to deal with chronic pain too. I have had my freedom stripped from me and fallen mercilessly to the feet of doctors, who despite their best intentions had no answers. My dad took me to doctor after doctor, picked me up when I had migraine attacks, modeled how to cope with daily pain and consoled me when I felt it was consuming me. My dad has been my rock. This, the world of constant pain, is familiar to him. He understands it and has known it for the better part of his life.

Let me tell you that there is no one on earth I respect more than my dad. Looking back now, I really don’t know how he did it. He lives each day in pain and still managed to raise three children, support his wife, and love them unconditionally. He put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Despite his struggles, he never ceased being part of our lives and is always there for us any hour of the day.

Since becoming ill myself, I have gained insight into my dad’s world. It amazes me when I think about what he has done and continues to do for our family, and for me.

Dad you are my hero, I don’t know how you do it.

So, to my dad and the parents out there who are unwell and fighting through every day for their children, I want to say thank you.

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