If I'd Known Then What I Know Now About My Daughter With Down Syndrome

If only I’d known then what I know now.

That you would be born in just four minutes with two gentle pushes.

That seconds after you were born you would look right into my eyes making me feel all would be good in our world.

That having an extra chromosome would not define you, you would be you, no matter what.

That at 5 months you would show more courage than I have seen in my 40 years as you underwent open heart surgery.

That your precious heart would be OK.

That you would communicate in your own ways, but loud and clear.

Little girl with Down syndrome standing in front of a white door wearing an Easter dress

That in your time you would laugh, talk, sit, stand, hug, kiss, wave and so much more.

That you would draw a crowd in with your sweet smile.

That you would bring endless sunshine into our lives.

That our world would be a million times more amazing than we could have ever imagined.

That you would change our lives for the better the moment we found out you were on your way.

That there was nothing to fear and everything to be thankful for.

That you would show us love, the kind of love that’s unexpected, unimaginable and unending.

That you would be the dream we never had, but truly our dream come true!

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