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When You Have One of 'Those Nights' With Depression

Tonight is just one of those nights. I haven’t had one of these nights in a while, but I guess tonight was bound to come. As someone with depression, I dread nights like tonight. Nights when it seems like nothing will ever get better, where no matter how hard I try, I can find no happiness or for that matter, hope.

Depression feels like being locked in a dark room with no windows. I can move around, but it feels as if I’m getting nowhere. It’s pitch black and it feels so lonely, almost as if I’ll be trapped in the darkness by myself for eternity.

This, of course, is not true, but depression has a way of making me believe the untrue. Like a friend who says you can trust him this time, depression has a way of coming back over and over again as a friendly face, only to reveal its true colors over time.

Tonight I feel like I’m in that dark room, a room where the only way to get out is to wait. I can make it through this. I know I can. It might be dark now, but the sun and its marvelous light shall come piercing through everything in the morning.

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Thinkstock photo via Grandfailure.