What I Remind Myself When Anxiety Makes Me Fearful of Losing the Ones I Love

A strong fear I carry with me is losing the ones I love. The relationships I hold dear — those between me and my family and friends — are central to my life. I cannot imagine a world without my loved ones in it, for they make my world beautiful with their presence.

I often am afraid I become clingy in the process of maintaining the important relationships in my life. I know I cannot constantly be in the company of my loved ones, but my separation anxiety grows in strength when I am apart from them and makes me always want to be at my family’s and friends’ sides.

I have taken gradual steps in calming this fear by recognizing there are actions I can take that will always allow me to feel the closeness of my loved ones. First, I keep them in my prayers, thanking God for watching over them and keeping them safe, healthy and happy. Second, I reread their thoughtful cards, letters and text messages they have sent me over time, reminding me of how they are always there for me. These actions allow me to feel connected to my loved ones, even when we cannot be in each other’s company. By carrying my loved ones in my heart, they accompany me wherever I go. Lastly, when we are able to spend time together, I cherish every moment and make beautiful memories out of those moments.

A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt truly resonates with me in connection to this topic.

“Many people will walk in and out of your life. But only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.”

To my family and friends, I have a special message for you. Thank you for staying. Thank you for standing by me and accepting me wholeheartedly. Thank you for truly seeing me and loving me. Thank you for never leaving. Thank you for your footprints on my heart.

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