Today I Woke Up Tired

Today I woke up and I was tired.

Beyond tired actually.

I woke up feeling a level of exhaustion most people don’t feel in an entire year.

But today I woke up anyway.

I got out of bed just like every other Monday.

I got up and walked on over to my UV light to shake away the effects of narcolepsy.

I forced myself to take my supplements in the morning despite wanting to go straight back to bed.

And today I’m heading straight to the gym, yet again, to start my day.

I’m still tired while writing this.

But that will never change, and I’ve come to accept that.

Today I woke up tired, and I pledged to give it my all.

I pledge to myself and the ones I love that this disease will not get the best of me.

Because not long ago I wanted to give up. Because I feel everyone else without this disease will never fully understand our struggle. Because not too long ago I felt like I would never find my drive again. Because not too long ago this disease made me consider ending my life.

But not today.

Because today I woke up tired, and I pledged to give it my all.

Life is too short to let this disease run my life.

Today I will give it my all.

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