KultureCity Creates Free lifeBOKS Program for Kids With Autism Who Wander

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This Cafe Is So Successful, It’s Expanding To Provide More Jobs for Those on the Spectrum

Artistas Cafe trains and employs people on the spectrum and they plan to expand their program to include more training and job experiences in the community. Read the full transcript: This Cafe Is So Successful, It’s Expanding To Provide More Jobs for Those on the Spectrum. Artistas Cafe has trained and employed those on the [...]

Thank You 'Sesame Street' for a New Character on the Autism Spectrum

My son, Leo, has been drawn to “Sesame Street” and its cast of characters from an early age. Before autism trickled into our existence through his diagnosis. Before the influx of new therapies. Before the beginning school. The show seems to be a comfort through the ups and downs of learning how to navigate his way [...]
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Rising From the Ashes: My Journey With Autism and HSAM

From the time I was born I’ve always felt autistic and I can remember every day of my life. As a toddler I enjoy organizing the cutlery drawer, reading the street directory and doing jigsaw puzzles. I did that so often I hardly ever played with my more “age appropriate” toys. Cuddling and showing any other [...]
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Finding My Way as a Soon-to-Be 20-Year-Old on the Autism Spectrum

I remember wishing time would speed up. I remember thinking that maybe as I got older, things would get a little easier. That maybe my autism would get easier. I thought that things would get better, that somehow I would outgrow my autism. I was 14 then, and I’m almost 20 now. I am older, [...]