To the One Who Called Me a 'Depressed Drama Queen'


You don’t know me. Well, you might think you know me, but you don’t.

You see my head down, my sad face. Deep breaths. Maybe a Facebook post. But what you don’t see is how hard I am fighting. How sometimes reaching out takes the kind of strength it can take to pick up an anvil.

My condition was not a choice. Your judgment hurts. But remember, I am strong. Your judgment does not — will not — define me.

I will rise above this. I will make it through my day. I will recall the things that gave me life. I will reach for these, even when it hurts. I will reconnect with the people who love me — those who I shut out in my depression. I will create a life that is meaningful to me.

And I will survive this depression. I am anything but fragile. Watch me soar.


The Person You Called a “Depressed Drama Queen.”

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