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To the Person Who Said Getting Off Antidepressants Would 'Bring Glory to Jesus'

First of all, I’m having trouble believing I actually have to write this, considering it’s 2017.

When you told me that by getting off my antidepressants I would bring more glory to Jesus, as I would have to rely on him to bring me happiness, not my medication, I cringed. This view is not only incredibly wrong, it’s incredibly dangerous.

I am doing extremely well on my antidepressants, and couldn’t be happier with how my life is going. If I were to get off of them, I can only imagine what my life might turn into. I don’t have to not be on antidepressants to bring glory to Jesus, that’s bullsh*t. As far as I’m concerned, that’s between me and Him. I need you to understand that my antidepressants are vital to me living a happy and healthy life and that I won’t be getting off of them anytime soon. I have no shame that I am on them. They have improved the quality of my life drastically, and I’m sure Jesus is glad too.

So the next time you make a statement like that, please think. Think about the potential consequences of saying that, and what it could mean to someone who was suicidal but is no longer thanks to antidepressants.

I forgive you, but I am unwilling to forgive your ignorance.

Editor’s note: Please see a doctor before starting or stopping a medication.

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