What They Didn't Tell Me About Starting Medication for Depression

Editor’s note: Please see a doctor before starting or stopping a medication.

What didn’t they tell me? Sorry, but quite a lot actually.

She told me about trembling, dry mouth, weight loss and the lack of energy.

“Lack” should be in capitals spread across the page. Like it’s the main part of the article.

The side effects for the first week are excruciating, sorry to say.

They don’t tell you about the lack of motivation, hopelessness and worthlessness that arises upon you while you’re battling through your first week. In fact, you may feel worse than you were when you started.

As a young, depressed 17-year-old, awaiting the freedom of leaving the dreaded school year, this last year is making me feel immense pressure I’m trying to fight through.

When I started the medication, I noticed a plummet in my energy and happiness.

I didn’t want to go to class. I just hid for the day crying until I was numb and throwing up.

I felt empty. I cried myself to sleep pretty much every night.

But you might not go through this, and believe me, that is terrific!

But I don’t want to sugar coat this, you won’t feel better instantly — it might take a few weeks after being on medication for the first time.

Every beautiful body is different and will react differently to medication. There is no wrong or right way as to how you’ll feel, but it’ll be worth the fight once you get through the side effects.

You’ve already overcome the hardest step and I’m proud. Proud for the courage you’ve had to confess that you’re struggling. The strength to say you need “extra” help to get through this pain.

You may feel hopeless in the first few weeks. And thats OK.

The side effects shall pass, it takes time to get the right medication that is right for you, just please don’t lose hope.

Please know good things will take time, promise.

Reach out to those that love you. You’re not alone in this fight, never.

You’re important, you matter and you’ll get through this, stronger than ever.

I promise.

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