The Words People With Depression Leave Unsaid

I do care. I am not just lazy.

I try, but honestly I am tired of getting up and doing things every day. Most days I want to lie in bed and just surf on my phone.

When you tell me things such as, “Get up and do something already,” it doesn’t help. As a matter a fact if you repeat that to me it will make me feel worse, because I feel like I am letting you down.

But yet my depression tells me to stay in bed. It is a very complicated process. But just listen.

We want to get better.


If you think for one second that eating, depression, anxiety, etc. disorders are “fun” or “cool,” you’re beyond wrong.

Even the littlest things could affect me in the biggest way.

For instance, say you walk inside after a long day of work, and put all your stuff down in an angry fashion, my brain will immediately tell me it is my fault that you are upset.

It is just how I am wired, and how many other people are wired, too.

We aren’t doing it for attention or for fun. It’s real. It’s real to us.

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