How My Friend Frank Helped Me as an Adult on the Autism Spectrum

When I started my job at a big-name pharmacy I was starting over and excited for a new adventure. I didn’t realize I would be meeting a friend that would change my life, a friend called Frank.

When I started my job I was a little hesitant to tell others about having autism, but when I told Frank he simply said, “You have autism, you are not autism.” He really has gone on to teach me I should embrace and be happy with who I am.

Frank, no matter how busy he was, always took the time to show me what I needed to learn to be successful, and when I got overstimulated or feeling overwhelmed, he either taught me breathing exercises or he would remind me I was doing a good job and not to be hard on myself.

What makes Frank such a great friend is he actually took the time to get to know me, and he knew what to expect with me as an adult with autism. He looked past it and treated me just like everyone else. If anything, he believed in me and he never gave up on me.

One of my greatest achievements is getting Champion of Champions for my place of employment, and I believe I got this award because of my hardworking attitude and being a role model to the autism Community — and because my friend Frank who never gave up on me.

I have my everyday heroes and my friend Frank is one of them. He taught me to celebrate and embrace who I am and today I celebrate and embrace my autism and I help others as well. I decided to start my project by writing to those on the spectrum and their families. I wanted to do for others what Frank did for me. Frank has taught me so much and he is truly one of my greatest role models. But most of all, he is one of my friends for life.

He once told me, “You always make me proud.” Well Frank, my sweet friend, you’re the one who makes me proud.

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