I Want to Hear What Makes You a Mental Health Warrior

My name is Jasmin and I run the page “A Fight Worth Finishing” on Facebook. The Mighty and I are collaborating to bring you the hashtag campaign #IAmAWarriorBecause.

I want you to use this hashtag and tell me why your depression, anxiety or previous suicide attempt makes you a warrior! You can even create a picture of yourself holding up a sign. Just make sure to use the hashtag! I’m starting this campaign because there is a huge stigma that our mental illnesses make us weak and this is totally untrue. It takes a strong individual to battle such a hard illness. You’re not weak. You’re warriors! Two lucky individuals who use this hashtag will win my self-help book “A Fight Worth Finishing.” It’s all about my experiences with depression, suicide and how I finally made it to recovery.


We want to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor here.

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