Why I Made My Facebook Status a Green Heart Emoji

In honor of anyone who is affected by mental health issues, I’ve made a small gesture that I hope makes a big impact. I posted a green heart emoji on my social media status. Just that. No hashtag. No words of wisdom. Nothing fancy.

It’s a simple way of letting people know I see them and I hear them. Those who need to see it, know it’s for them. Sometimes that’s enough to make all the difference.

I’ve also sent the following message to a few dozen friends:

“It’s Mental Health Month and NoStigmas.org wants people to know that non-judgmental support is out there. In a show of solidarity, post a green heart as a status update with nothing else.

After that, please forward this message along to 5 friends. If you see a green heart status, reply with a green heart. It’s a simple way to say you care. Thanks!”

So far, my feed has been full of little green hearts. As someone who lives with anxiety and depression, it’s encouraging to see so much support.

But is a little green heart enough? Not by a long shot. It’s a start though. The beginning of a conversation. An open door to, “I need help.”

And for those looking for a more tangible way to take positive action, check out our new membership site at nostigmas.org with free access to our Ally Training Course, peer support groups and membership perks, too.

Thanks for sharing the love. Remember, you are not alone!

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