What I Hope Kids Can Learn From the Tale of a Three-Legged Dog

Bullying is an issue many kids have to deal with — especially kids who are different in some way. It is often really difficult for parents, teachers, counselors and other adults to help kids stand up to bullies.

I recently wrote a book called “The Tale of Martina McTripaw” about a three-legged dog named Martina McTripaw who gets bullied at the dog park. This leads to her feeling embarrassed and afraid. At first she does not know what to do or how to handle it. With the help of her wise counselor, Dr. Earl Grey, and her supportive mom and friends, Martina learns how to stand up to the bullies — just in time for her dear friend the Goldmeister General’s 77th birthday bash at the dog park.

I wanted to create a fun, relatable story for kids, as well as provide helpful ideas and resources for standing up to bullies. The book also contains an afterword with websites for kids and adults on dealing with bullies.

I self-published the book, and it is now available on Amazon. I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I hope it will help other people — especially kids who have gotten picked on for being different.

Buy “The Tale of Martina McTripaw” on Amazon.

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