To Those Who Are Too Comfortable With the 'Old' and 'Sick' Me

This is hard for me to write, but it is something that needs to be said in order for me to move ahead in my journey. It also may be something others who are dealing with different conditions can relate to.

This is dedicated to those who are too comfortable with the “old me.”

The “sick” me.

The one who was helpless and hopeless and seemingly didn’t have a chance.

Here’s the thing – I am a new person now that I have gone through my chronic pain treatment. I am in the healing process, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am still learning to navigate life with the tools I learned, and one of those tools is to get rid of the negative influences in life. I am still struggling with myself internally, and sometimes externally on the difficult days, but I am a new and improved person. I want to release the former me, and move into this new chapter of my life. I am distancing myself from anyone who reminds me of my old self. Any former relationships I feel are toxic I am letting go of. I am only accepting positive vibes into this new life of mine and anyone trying to bring me down is not welcome.

I am a human being. When talking about me don’t refer to me as “her” or “that sick girl.” That is not who I am, and not who I want to be known as.

I am building a new reputation for myself that is not only better, but far more positive than the person I was before.

If you have noticed me distancing myself with you, it might be for the reasons that I mentioned above. It may be something personal, it may also be because you have negative vibes in general. I don’t want anyone to be left wondering what happened to me or to “us.” If I have learned one thing from being chronically ill, it is that people change, and relationships change. It’s is just a part of life and I am accepting it as what it is.

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