To the Loved Ones of Those With Migraines: Please Be There for Us

Yesterday evening, while enjoying a quiet afternoon of watching TV with my long-distance partner and his daughter, I suddenly didn’t feel so great so I went and laid down. I got worse and worse. I didn’t want to get up in case I was sick and I had a feeling my medication wasn’t working, so I sent him a message. 10, 20 minutes go by. I send another message. Finally he replies, “Have you taken your medication?” I replied, “Yes.” He then replied, “OK, sorry.”


I went through many emotions. I had gone through so many migraines alone back home. I was hoping and praying just once I wouldn’t have to go through this alone. So I sat there for a while longer, hoping and praying the medicine would work. A while later, he came in for a few minutes. Then he went and did other stuff. Then his daughter and the new dog came in. I explained I wasn’t feeling well. She asked if they could just sit with me. I said of course. The dog jumped on and sat right next to me. Maybe to comfort me.

I wanted to write this article so maybe a partner or a family member of someone with migraines will read it. Understand that yes, we are struggling when we go through a migraine, but it isn’t something to be afraid of and run away from. Ask if we need anything, maybe grab us some water, some plain food. Sometimes all we need is for someone to come and sit with us.

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Thinkstock photo via AntonioGuillem.

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