To My Loved Ones: Thank You for Being There Through My Illness

Your role is not easy. Please realize I know this.

My constant pain means I am often moody trying to cope with the torment my body puts me through.

I am often tired from not getting enough sleep because I cannot successfully turn the pain off to get some shut-eye.

My anxiety is heightened.

Depression has taken a firm hold on my mind.

My time is often spent sleeping, at the doctor or recovering from going grocery shopping.


I am exhausted from this constant battle of my health.

I am also grieving who I once was and struggling to accept who I now am.


To my friends and family, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for dealing with me when I’m moody.

Thank you for not getting angry or resentful with me when I have to cancel plans again and again.

Thank you for helping pick me up when I am so often down.

Thank you for understanding that my time is not my own.

Thank you for loving me when I’m not entirely sure who I am anymore.

Your role is not easy. Amidst all my health struggles you are the ones who get me through each day. Words may never be enough to show my gratitude but I just wanted to say…

Thank you.

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