13 Emotions Caused by Having Chronic Migraines

With June being Migraine Awareness Month, instead of focusing on my physical symptoms, I am going to share some of the emotional symptoms.

1. Fear

The pain is so intense…Is something else wrong? Is my brain being permanently damaged from the constant attacks? Are the medication side effects going to make me feel worse? Will I never have my life back?

2. Frustration

I thought I was starting to feel better…Then I wake up to a new day in pain and sickness. I never having a waking minute of feeling normal. Why do the medications not make me feel better? I’m always having a hard time explaining what I’m going through because my symptoms are constantly changing, waxing and waning with no rhyme or reason. There’s constant uncertainty due to the unpredictability of this disease.

3. Anxiety

Not knowing how you will feel one day to the next making it almost impossible to make plans. Concerns of driving or going in public due to vision disturbances and dizziness. Fear of food exacerbating symptoms. Worry over weather changes and trying to avoid the sun. Concerns over employment, finances, and never ending medical bills.

4. Sadness

I want my life back. Not being able to enjoy all the things I love. There are so many things I want to do. I want a cure.

5. Grief

I miss the person I use to be. I don’t want to be a burden to my loved ones. I want to be able to be there for others. Life is passing me by.

6. Anger

I have no control over this beast!

Why can’t I make it stop? Why is there not a cure?


7. Confusion

What caused this chronic nightmare that has taken over my brain and body? Why can’t I think straight? My brain feels like mush.

8. Loneliness

No one can understand what I’m going through. Hours upon hours of being alone. Trapped within my illness.

9. Depression

I am worn out. I’m mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually fatigued.

10. Thankful

For the love and care I receive from my wonderful husband and mother. The exceptional support I receive from coworkers. The medical professionals that try their best to help me find relief. For fellow migraine warriors that share their experiences, support, and continue to push forward.

11. Hope

For greater awareness that is necessary for funding and research.

For new treatments to help symptoms become manageable, for ultimate remission

12. Determination

I will keep fighting to get my life back! I will push forward even when it’s hard to lift my broken body. I will keep seeking knowledge, treatment, and support. Someday I will be knowledgeable and strong enough to help provide advocacy to others that are struggling.

13. Acceptance

This is a chronic neurological disease that I did not cause. It is part of who I am now. I will take pride in the small victories knowing I am doing the best I can. I will experience joy in the beauty and love this life still has to offer.

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13 Emotions Caused by Having Chronic Migraines

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