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Why Different Levels of Support Are Important in Mental Illness Recovery

When I think of support, I don’t think of just one way to support someone. I believe there are different types of support — different levels, if you will.

You have your superficial support through initiated random texts, Facebook or Instagram “likes” and so on.

Then you have the people who support you on a bit more of an interactive level. They’re likely the people who, when they have the ability to see you, no matter how short the visit, they make the effort. They’re the people who seek you out at social functions and make the effort to acknowledge your presence.

Then there are the close friends who leave functions early because you’re overwhelmed, or spend their days off running around with you so you can get out of the house with less anxiety.

Then you have the people who sacrifice themselves for you. They’re the people who put aside their own discomforts and personal feelings to ensure your well-being is mended. They push against their comfort zones and fight against their fears to be there for you. They don’t need to lose themselves, but they understand that sometimes it isn’t about only doing what’s easy for them, but what is necessary for you.

All of these levels of support are needed and welcomed. I believe we’re all trying to survive, but sometimes reaching out to someone else could be the very thing we need ourselves.

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Unsplash photo via Priscilla du Preez.