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22 Things People With Depression Do First Thing in the Morning to Get Out of Bed

When you live with depression, sometimes starting the morning can be the hardest part of your day. When you’re fighting the fatigue, ruminating thoughts and feelings of hopelessness characteristic of depression, getting out of bed can be a real struggle.

So how can you fight the debilitating weight of depression when every morning it makes you want to retreat under the covers? Is it possible to get out of bed on days when it feels impossible?

We wanted to learn some tips for getting up when you’re struggling with depression, so we asked our mental health community to share one thing they do first thing in the morning to get themselves out of bed.

But you may not be able to get out of bed sometimes — and that’s perfectly OK, too. If nothing works, don’t be hard on yourself, and keep these tips in your back pocket for next time.

Here’s what they shared with us:

1. “[I] break it down into small increments. Starting the day can be overwhelming. I tell myself, ‘All you have to do is sit up.’ When that is done, ‘OK. Good. Now, just got to bathroom and brush your teeth.’ Breaking the whole getting ready routine into small, seemingly manageable chunks helps [so] much.” — Karen P.

2. “My kids jump on my bed first thing in the morning [and] tell me, ‘It’s wake up time, Mommy! It’s time to eat! Come on Mommy, I love you!’ Their smiles and laughter [are what] motivate me to get up. All four of them.” —Courtney N.

3. “I set my alarm to a song by Ed Sheeran, one of my favorite music artists. Hearing something I enjoy first thing in the morning helps to try to set my mind in a good place to get moving.” — Diedra S.

4. “I immediately go on my phone and talk to people. That usually gives me the energy I need to get out of bed. It’s still really difficult some days though.” — Dannii Y.

5. “I read a daily devotional, wake up to my favorite song and in my head, go though what I need to do. That helps me to prove to myself that I need to get out of bed to complete my to do list.” — Kaity J.

22 Things People With Depression Do First Thing in the Morning to Get Out of Bed