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25 Unexpected Coping Techniques That Help People With Depression

When struggling with a mental illness like depression, sometimes there are days when getting out of bed feels improbable, showering unattainable and interacting with the outside world, downright impossible. On tough days like these, “traditional” coping strategies may not work as well as we’d like. To combat the depression symptoms that can affect us in surprising ways, sometimes we must get creative with our coping techniques.

For those of you who feel like you’ve exhausted every coping strategy in your arsenal and still can’t find any relief, this one’s for you. To give you some fresh coping ideas, we asked members of our mental health community to share the unexpected coping techniques that help them manage depression.

Here’s what they shared with us:

1. “Being in the outdoors by myself. There’s something calming about the quiet with just nature around me with fresh air.” — Tess B.

2. “I read ‘Harry Potter.’ I’m escaping reality for a short time and spending it with characters I have grown to love so dearly over the years, and it is extremely comforting and refreshing.” — Stephanie N.

3. “Seems really childish… but I love to put Elmer’s glue on my hands and peel it off when it dries. This is so satisfying to me that my depression and anxiety lessen when I do it.” — Geriann C.

4. “If anything helps, it’s video games. They are like an escape for me, as well as a way to make my mind busy. They often give me help when I feel the depression is too much.” — Matthew Z.


25 Unexpected Coping Techniques That Help People With Depression