You Can’t Put a Label on How Tasty These Baked Goods Are

Jacob Wittman, who’s on the autism spectrum, wanted a career as a chef and No Label At The Table Food Company is his own creation to make that happen.

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You Can’t Put a Label on How Tasty These Baked Goods Are

No Label at The Table is a gluten- and dairy-free food company staffed by people on the autism spectrum.

When Jacob Wittman turned 18, he decided he wanted to be a chef in a restaurant.

Wittman, with his parents help, started the baked goods company in spring 2017.

Based in Carmel, Indiana, the company has made its way to farmers markets and a wedding tasting.

The company’s $2 snickerdoodles and brownies packages usually sell out within hours.

The company continues to grow and employ more adults on the spectrum with every event.

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