Problems Only Happy People With Depression Understand

A woman living with depression lists problems only happy people with depression understand.

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Problems Only Happy People With Depression Understand

Just because it looks like I’m always doing well doesn’t mean I am.

I more often laugh to avoid crying than because something is funny.

Being sad and being depressed are not the same thing.

I overcompensate by acting the happiest when I feel the worst.

If you say “I hate seeing you upset,” you never ever will again.

Unless you’re my psychiatrist, I don’t care what you think about psychiatric medication.

Having severe depression doesn’t mean I look severe.

I feel best when I’m helping other people with their problems.

I’m not trying to get rid of depression, I’m trying to live with it.

I’m more fragile than I will ever admit but stronger than you will ever know.

Written by Jill Alexandra

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