Secrets of People Who Aren't Working Because of Their Mental Illness

A asked people who aren’t currently working in The Mighty’s mental health community to share one thing they wish others understood about being unemployed with a mental illness.

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Secrets of People Who Aren’t Working Because of Their Mental Illness

“Just because I can’t hold a job doesn’t mean I’m lazy or a bad person.”

“I think a lot of people see depression as choice, like you choose to be like that, but honestly I’d rather anything but the debilitation of depression.”

“How hard it is to even live a day doing nothing but being at war with your mind and body.”

“I wish others understood that I am a very hard worker and that I want to work.”

“Working from home allows me to take breaks if I need to — I don’t have to hide in the toilets to have a panic attack, I don’t have to worry about phoning in sick and getting fired.”

“People seem to think it’s a special privilege to go to therapy once a week and get out of work. It isn’t.”

“I’m not ‘lucky’ to only be working a few days at my paying job. Every day is work for me and my mental illness is a 24/7 job in its own.”

“I wish they’d understand that being at home isn’t like having a day off. It’s constant and it’s crushing.”

“I’m not a bad worker and I’m not ‘asking for hand outs.’ I really want to do my best, but some days it’s really hard for me to put on a smile.”

“I wish people knew that my mental illness doesn’t define me. I wish people would understand I’m not damaged goods.”

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