What I Would Have Said to My Date Who Said He Needed to Find Himself

Are we not all lost? Are we not we all in this journey called life, each of us finding our way? And wouldn’t it be better to find ourselves together?

I am lost too.

I am more lost than I seem to be, and with you, I feel a little more found, but I have come to the conclusion that I would rather find myself with you than find myself without you.

Because what meaning would life have if only we were to find ourselves in this journey alone? We might know the depths of our soul but if there would be no one to share this with, what good would life be then?

So, walk with me, please, I beg you.

Together let us discover the parts of ourselves we don’t know yet, or maybe the parts of ourselves we already know but are discovering again with a fresh set of eyes, this time with a better perspective because we have each other.

Together, let us run, fly if we have to, hand in hand towards our unrealized dreams and inspire each other to see them into fulfillment. Let us reach for the heights we have only seen from afar and if we fall short, let us enjoy the colors of the sunset from the horizon and try again tomorrow.

Let us, with our own hands, build a future together and make new, fond and joyful memories.

Let us laugh at ourselves and be silly together.

Let us cry if we must, holding each other till there are no more tears to shed.

Let us create our own destiny and shape tomorrow with hope and belief that good and beautiful things will come.

Let us embrace the adventure ahead of us, making the most of what we have. Let it take us where it should — to the far away places of the world we have never seen, the sand and seas we have never met and the forests we have never discovered.

Let us smell, touch and taste life with gusto and an excitement we have never experienced before. Let us suck the marrow out of it and learn if we have to, but let us grab the opportunities it will offer us.

Let us conquer the mountains that are placed before us. Your support and your presence alone will be enough to get us through the highest peaks and the darkest valleys.

Most of all, let us rest in each other’s arms knowing that wherever we may be and whatever happens, together… we will be.

Let me help you. Let me love you. Because in helping you and loving you, you would have helped find me too.

These are the words I was never able to say because my anxiety and depression got the best of me.

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