Why I Won't Stop Advocating for My Child on the Autism Spectrum

Yes, I am a constant advocate (nudge, champion, upholder, supporter, backer, promoter, proponent, exponent, spokeswoman, spokesperson, campaigner, fighter, crusader).

I won’t stop:

Until people grasp that everyone is “different.”

Until everyone includes him.

Until people see my son first — autism second.

Until everyone is kind to my son.

Until people realize the spoken word isn’t the only way to communicate.

Until everyone sees his abilities, not just his disability.

Until people do not flinch at his stims.

Until everyone knows that he won’t stop.

Until people acknowledge my son is a full part of society.

Until everyone knows he has dreams.

Until people recognize he has feelings.

Until everyone accepts my son has potential.

Until people realize that he is an equal.

Until everyone is human to my son.

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