The Phrase That's Getting Me Through a Medication Change

Editor’s note: Please see a doctor before starting or stopping a medication.

The sun is shining. The sky is blue. My daughter’s are happily playing in the paddling pool and my baby son is enjoying the world from my lap. The world is a buzz of people enjoying their Saturday.

And I feel terrible.

I’m just over a week into a medication change and I’m suffering. It’s the same medication at a higher dose, and like every time before, I’ve experienced almost all of the listed side effects. It’s not nice. But then again, neither is depression.

The adjustment period takes somewhere between one to three weeks until I finally begin to experience the benefits. It’s a long haul where things get worse before they get better; where I have to continually remind myself it is worth it and this too shall pass.

Because it will pass.

The relapse that led me to a higher dose and the associated suffering is temporary. My wife tells me, “This too will pass,” a lot right now. So I feel like it’s my duty to remind others struggling with similar situations.

This will pass.

I’ve seen the benefits of my medication. I’ve had a tantalizing taste of the “old me” and I’m desperate for more of it. I was on a good path when an expected relapse hit harder than I was prepared for. And I will get back there because…

This will pass.

It’s not easy, but I will get there. I have to. I want to enjoy these sunny days with my kids. Adjusting to medication is really hard, but so is fighting depression and anxiety. It will get better friends, keep fighting because you’re worth it.

This will pass.

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