To the Friend Who Looks Past My Mental Illness

Dear friend of mine,

You’ve known of my mental illness for quite a while. Maybe my direct admission of it was a surprise, or maybe not. I couldn’t tell. For this, I thank you.

Friend of mine, thank you for listening kindly to me when I am down, or when I am up, or when I am just very, very confused. Thank you for listening without judgment or unsolicited advice. Thank you for ensuring that I know you support me.

Friend, thank you for trusting me 100 percent. Thank you for not making me feel like a freak, or an outcast. Thank you for trusting me to know myself. Thank you for trusting me so much that you trust me with your own children. That is real trust. Thank you.

Friend of mine, thank you for having normal conversations with me. Thank you for acknowledging my mental illness, but being able to talk to me as though it didn’t exist. I need this. Thank you.

My friend, thank you for including me on outings, double dates, movies, hikes and more. Thank you for never forgetting to invite me.

Friend of mine, thank you also for respecting when I cannot join. Thank you for supporting the times when I am down and out, and won’t be leaving the house. Thank you.

Dear friend, thank you for laughing with me when silly things happen, like when I stick my tongue out with all six of my meds on it. Thanks for knowing when we can laugh a bit about mental illness to try to find light in it.

Friend, thank you for every perfect way you support me, and every way you are willing to try. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for letting me be myself, and remaining true to yourself as well.

Friend of mine, thank you.

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