The Remedies I Use to Treat My Migraines

Editor’s note: The following is based on an individual’s experience and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before going on or off medication or beginning new treatments.

I’ve suffered migraines for decades, and I’ve yet to find a common trigger. Except for stress, that is. Stress can cause my migraine to hit like a ton of bricks. Here are a few things I do that you might not find anywhere else. For one, I feed my migraine caffeine. I’ll drink more than double my normal caffeine assumption.


For me, it works. I usually send the hubby to Starbucks for a venti black tea and a venti Frappuccino. And at home, I’ll drink caffeine every chance I get. Caffeine helps reduce inflammation. So as long as it isn’t your trigger, give it a try. If you’re not a caffeine drinker, you can purchase caffeine pills from your local Wal-Mart.

I’ll eat chocolate. It helps in a small way. And when you have a migraine you’re often fine with small. I keep some around for migraine purposes only. Caffeine, which is present in chocolate, can be good for your migraine.

I listen to Michael Sealey’s Hypnosis for Headaches & Migraine Relief.  The first time I listened to his 26-minute hypnosis I was afraid I’d end up quacking like a duck. But 30 minutes later my migraine was gone. I was shocked. Since then I’ve listened to it from my iPad while lying in bed. Each time I wake up several hours later, feeling much better than I did before. Sometimes it’s even gone away. I’ve found it to be so resourceful in calming the pain.

I also put an ice pack behind my neck and on my forehead. This is one step I cannot skip. I feel as if my body is hot with fever. The ice packs help. They at least make it bearable. And I tend to fall asleep with them on. And who doesn’t need sleep when they have a migraine?

I’ve also found that tinted computer glasses help. I’ve made a habit out of wearing them daily. By blocking out the blue light that I sit in front of for hours, the tinted computer glasses help. I have them in yellow and blue tint. They both work about the same. But I do find myself walking around with the yellow ones on during the day just because I forget they’re there. They even help with the glare of the television.

Of course, there are the medications that my doctor gives me, but it’s the home remedies that tend to work best for me.

Every person responds to different remedies. These are a few of mine. I hope they help. As they each help me in some small way.

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