I Am Borderline Personality Disorder: A Poem

I run hot or I run cold.
Tears stream down my face because my emotions are too strong to hold inside.
Overflowing as I go from one extreme to the other.
Pushing people away or holding on too tight.
I turn my emotions inward because I’m afraid to hurt you.
But I still do…

I am hyper-aware of everything
If someone takes too long to text me back, I did something wrong
When I hear my name, I assume it’s something bad
When I tell you all my feelings and you don’t have anything to say, you must look down on me

But Borderline is not all bad
I am passionate
I am loving
I throw my all into what I am doing

For me, there is no in-between
Sometimes it works in my advantage
And other times it ends up hurting me,
But if I care about you, I do it with all my heart.

Some call me “crazy,” and maybe I am
I am crazy passionate about things I love
I am crazy excited when my friends do something amazing
I am crazy in love when I find it
So I work to find the middle ground,
But I fear I will lose the good things.

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Thinkstock photo via m-gucci

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