Who I Am Because of Clare, My Daughter With Down Syndrome

Because of Clare, my daughter with Down syndrome:

I rock out to Disney Songs and Uptown Funk while driving her to her adult day program.

I co-lead a monthly Faith & Light group that reminds me of the importance I place on God and community.

I sometimes slow down, when I need to.

I am reminded that it’s the simple things that matter.

I know the importance of structure and routines.

I know I better follow through on my promises.

I know that sh** happens (literally and figuratively).

I have made some incredible, lifelong friends.

I worry about the future, when we can no longer care for her.

We celebrate birthdays (no matter who’s) and holidays with extra gusto.

I get to love Clare’s friends who may or may not have differing abilities.


I have traveled to the World Special Olympic Games and met Olympians from all over the world.

I have a child who was on the front page of the Washington Post, was in a documentary and had several TV appearances, including “Good Morning America.”

I am grateful for the medical care available to us in the U.S. that saved her life this year.

I am reminded about the importance of being present to those in your life.

I have learned, but don’t always remember, the importance of being calm when things aren’t going as you planned.

I believe that it is all God’s plan.

I have learned that some days you just have to put one foot in front of the other and somehow get through it.

I have learned there is usually a rainbow after a storm.

I am grateful the world has made such strides in accepting and including those who are different, but am sad that there are still those who shun, belittle and exclude those who are different from themselves.

I have learned that good usually prevails over bad and that life and God are good.

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